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Pre-Marital Counseling

Successful, lasting marriages need an established framework to flourish. Like any plant or flower, the roots you establish in the early stages of your life together need to be strong – and the soil must be nutrient-rich – in order for the flower to grow and bloom. Strong roots without a nutrient-rich soil won’t stay strong in the long run.

When two people join their lives together, conflicts will naturally arise – sometimes over small things and sometimes more important things. How you learn to handle conflict resolution on the small things and begin practicing it early on can greatly impact your ability to confidently handle the big things when they inevitably arise. Starting your marriage with healthy communication and practicing it every day is undoubtedly one of the most important things any couple can do.

SYMBIS Certified

Pashmina Rashad is a Certified Facilitator of the acclaimed SYMBIS Pre-Marriage Assessment tool. Using the proven power of the SYMBIS Assessment, Pashmina combines her skills as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with her genuine passion for supporting strong marriages to help couples learn to grow with each other and nourish their relationship.

You have found someone to help you create a strong foundation for your life together.

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Building a strong foundation for a
lifelong relationship

Lasting marriages don’t happen by accident. Invest in your marriage before it starts and it
will pay dividends for decades into the future.


Deeper Connection

Gain new perspective on and appreciation for your partner.


Conflict Resolution

Get tools for healthy and compassionate conflict resolution.


Healthy Communication

Understand your partner’s natural tendencies, inherent beliefs, and internal narratives.


Realistic Expectations

Stay happily married long term by identifying potential issues before they arise.

Niche Areas of Specialty:

Couples where one or both of the individuals are religious

Dealing with families and in-laws

Unpacking traditional gender roles & expectations for married life

Compassionate communication

There are more that
we can work on

Even if I haven’t mentioned an issue you feel you are struggling with, you are always welcome to contact me and see how I can best help you heal.