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Marital Counseling

Feel confident knowing that Pashmina Rashad specializes in couples therapy in the Greater New York area. Often, admitting that your relationship needs help is the hardest part. Each relationship is unique. Many couples may only need a handful of sessions while others may schedule appointments regularly for several months in order to effectively address their issues and create lasting change.

Sometimes, marriage counseling doesn’t “work;” and a therapist can help you determine if it would be more beneficial for both parties to go your separate ways. Whatever the outcome, you will have the expertise and support of a Licensed Mental Health Counselor throughout your journey when you choose Sukoon Therapy for marriage counseling.

Relationships are in constant flux

A healthy marriage requires consistent effort because relationship needs change over time. Don’t wait to seek help in bolstering your communication and conflict resolution skills.


Practice Forgiveness

Strengthen your forgiveness muscle.


Activate Healing

Recreate a healthy, loving partnership.


Gain Insights

Find the root of communication breakdown and understand each other.


Realistic Expectations

Stay happily married long term by identifying potential issues before they arise

Niche Areas of Specialty:


Blended families

Unraveling traditional gender roles


There’s more that we can work on

Even if I haven’t mentioned an issue you feel you are struggling with, you are always welcome to contact me and see how I can best help you heal.