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Practice Owner

Pashmina Rashad, LMHC, LPC

I have a Masters in Mental Health Counseling from SUNY New Paltz. After earning my graduate degree, I spent a decade nurturing my three children at home.

I am a living example of shifting roles and identities, and I have learned through my own experience that life has many seasons.

I straddle several different identity groups, making me uniquely qualified to help everyone. I am a mother, a child of immigrants, with an understanding of South Asian immigrant culture, and an American.

I also believe that as we navigate these seasons, it only makes sense that we should have help.

My Philosophy

As humans, we experience many stages of transition. Over the course of a life span, each of us occupies several roles, often at the same time. We also move through major identity transitions throughout our lives.

These identity shifts are often powerfully transformative but can also be traumatic.

As a therapist, I have found that these stages of shift are often the times when people need the most support.

Beyond the listening ear of a friend, you need an objective and expert sounding board to help you cope with and make sense of your feelings, struggles and goals.

Through various methods and tools of psychotherapy, I help my clients express, accept and honor the fullness of who they are, have been, and are becoming.

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When to Seek Therapy

Mental health is a foundational part of overall health and I believe passionately in what I like to call “Life-Span Therapy.” By this, I mean that therapy is something people should engage in whenever they move through major life stages as a prophylactic measure to help them weather the ups and downs that are natural and inevitable when they experience fundamental changes in identity.

The internal and relational shifts required to go from single to married, non-parent to parent, parent to empty-nester, stay at home parent to a working parent, or married to single are all seismic.

I am intensely dedicated to educating my clients first and foremost about the benefits of cultivating a life-long commitment to an “as needed” use of therapy as a tool in their arsenal of resources in navigating their journey through life.

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